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Assalamu Alaikum WR WB


I thank you for your continued patience and support during this COVID restrictions. Whilst we understand its an inconvenience to your schedule, MLNSW is trying it's best to follow the guidelines of NSW Health Authorities to make our mosques safe for your daily salaat and Juma Prayers.
There has been a new restrictions which will apply from 24th July 2020 on the number of people our mosque can cater. According to the new restrictions we can only have 100 people at a time. We have marked the position on the floor of the main hall, men's and ladies wings and outside foyer for our Juma prayers.
During this current restrictions, we are requesting ladies NOT to attend the Juma Prayers in the masjid.
There will be only 4 Juma sessions. The first session will have azaan at 1215pm, second session azaan will be at 1245pm, third session azaan will be at 115pm and last session azaan will be at 145pm. We kindly request musallees to organise yourself to fit in these four sessions.

The daily five times salaat will continue in its normal schedule and timetable.

Jazak Allah Khair



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